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Webroot Support | 020-8144-6264 | Webroot Technical Support

Webroot is a reputed brand in the International Security Software Market. It offers excellent antivirus and internet security solutions for both homes as well as business users. It is one of the top brands known today for providing the great security solution to keep viruses, malware, and other threats away from your devices. Webroot is serving products in Retail & Consumer to make users secure enough to go Online. Webroot Antivirus provides complete protection to its users from virus attacks and identity theft by removing a virus, spyware, malware & other types of software bugs. However, if you are facing any issue with any of the Webroot product installations, Uninstallation, renewal, upgrade or update, call on our toll-free number 020-8144-2494 for Webroot Support.

Webroot detects and removes viruses, spyware and online threats without hampering the performance of your device. Its product delivers powerful protection in real-time against all types of online threats like identity theft, cybercrime protection, viruses, malware, & spyware protection, scam alerts, etc. It shields your browsing habits and your online banking and shopping information from the hackers and intruders. It protects you from scammers who can trick you into entering your confidential information. If you timely upgrade your Webroot antivirus software and keep it in an active state, it will protect your device and data stored on it from being attacked and compromised.

Threat Activity Report

Like having your own personal security analyst, Webroot keeps you informed about any threat activity encountered on your devices and provides detailed stats on your average scan behavior.


Protection Status

You can always see which of your protection features are enabled, what each one does, and which ones might need your attention. That way, you’re always in control of your security.


Features and Devices

These days, most of us have more than one device to protect, and it can be tough to keep track of them all. This dashboard shows you everything you need to manage all your protected devices in one convenient place.


We Support all kind of issues Such as:

Our Certified technicians can help you to restrict the entry of these viruses, to remove the already detected ones. We can guide you about the working of Antivirus software on your operating system. Our facility of tech assistance helps our technicians to directly address your problems, thereby leading to quick and effective solutions.

  • Installation/Un-Installation of antivirus
  • Re-installation of antivirus
  • Upgrading the antivirus
  • Activation of Antivirus product
  • Repair of antivirus
  • All kinds of software installations and program updates
  • Maintenance checks for all computers
  • Compatibility checks with various software and program
  • Reinstallation or update of your operating system
  • Verification of protection and security
  • Computer scans for the threats to analyze the virus infections
  • Configure antivirus settings as per system requirements
  • Security settings for complete protection


This given list is the combination of some of the most common and the most niche issue the antivirus application may get affected by. With constant updates to this software, our technicians also adapt to these updates and provide better solutions after their every encounter with the issue. So the bottom line is if you are having any problem and you need Webroot Technical Support Number, you can call our number or you can chat with us.