How to install Norton WiFi Privacy


How to install Norton WiFi Privacy

Norton has launched its new feature in the antivirus software called Norton WiFi Privacy. What does it mean? Why do you need it? Firstly, understand the concept of WiFi Privacy,WiFi Privacy means encrypting process to help you protect your personal data by using a ‘Secret Code’ to keep it safe so that apart from you no one else can get your personal data or passwords without the code.

Nowadays the maximum amount of personal data and information is stored online on drive or cloud or on servers. It doesn’t matter who you are whether it’s a business entity or you are managing your personal information or data, most people keep it online as it is easy to access. And if we talk about business entity it’s nearly impossible for them to work without online server storage. So it’s really important that our personal or official information should be secure from any threat or any hacker. That is why Norton Symantec has taken an initiative to secure all your browsing data and important credentials safe and secure and launched Norton Wi-Fi Privacy.

About Norton WiFi Privacy

Norton WiFi Privacy offers you an anonymous browsing experience and creates a private network from a public internet connection. It is not like any other VPN software which just changes the IP connection and let you connects to a different IP Address. Rather it encrypts your sensitive data like passwords, personal information, auto-fill data, and credit card numbers. It converts all your personal credentials into an unreadable and untraceable format. Also, it allows you to connect your current IP location to anywhere in the world so you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies at your location. Norton offers 25 different locations servers and with each location 2 different servers. One of the best features of Norton
WiFi Security is that it automatically starts the WiFi security if you are connected an unsecured WiFi connection or you are on a public network. But some of you might not like this automatic feature of turning the VPN on as it may block some websites, so you can turn this feature off in the settings but it will give you warning alerts that you are not in a secure connection. The best part is that it is compatible with all Windows operating systems, Android, Mac OS, and Linux, so it is compatible with all your mobile devices and PCs.

How to install Norton Secure VPN on Windows Operating System or MAC:

1.      Open your browser and search for Norton WiFi Privacy

2.      Click sign in. If you don’t have a Norton account then create one and follow the instructions.

3.       In the My Norton page, under Secure VPN, click Download.

4.       Open the downloaded file and do the following:

   Windows: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

   Mac: Drag the Norton Secure VPN icon into the Applications folder.

5.       Launch the Norton Secure VPN app.

For Mac, you will be required to provide the administrator password when you launch Norton Secure VPN.

6.     Sign in to Norton Secure VPN with your Norton account credentials.

How to install the Norton Secure VPN app on Android or IOS:

1.       On Android open Play Store and type “Norton Secure VPN” in the search option/ On IOS open App Store and type “Norton Secure VPN”

2.       Do one of the following:

On Android, on the application details screen, tap Install, and tap Accept & download.

On IOS, tap GET and then tap INSTALL. Sign in using your Apple account password.

3.       If you get a pop-up Norton Secure VPNWould Like to Add VPN Configurations, click Allow on the left side.

4.     Follow the on-screen instructions.

With the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to install the Norton Secure VPN easily but in case if you are having any difficulty or need to ask any questions about it you can get in touch with our Norton UK support at +44-208-144-2494 or visit us at

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