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Norton.com/setup is one of the well-known antivirus software which is known to almost everybody. It gives you a world class security to all your devices and also provides solutions to other software problems like device running slow, scanning your data to remove threats and much more.

Norton has also developed Norton Utility 16 program which helps the device to run a check on all the programs to maintain the balance. And the best part about the Norton antivirus is that it gives support to the entire platform i.e., Android, MAC, IOS and Windows. Norton Setup is a quick solution to activate the Norton software. You can download the setup file from Norton.com/setup and then you can easily activate the product with the activation code you have. 

Steps to download Norton Antivirus Setup:

Before the installation and activation process of Norton Antivirus you have to download the Norton Antivirus setup and to download the setup, please follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open a web browser on your device and then search for Norton.com/setup.

Or you can also complete the setup another way:

1. You can create a Norton account by signing up on the official website or if you already have a Norton account you can log in to the Norton account.

2. After logging or signing in you can see the Norton account you will get product details.

3. You can click on any of the Norton product as per your requirement and then it will be automatically downloaded.

4. The setup will be downloaded and saved in the Downloads folder.

Steps To Install the Norton Setup:

1. Open Downloads folder where the setup has been saved already.

2. Tap on the setup file of Norton Antivirus twice.

3. After the tapping option, you will get a notification to allow the software to run on your device, click yes to run the software.

4. The software will run on your device and thus the installation process will be completed.

5. Once the Norton product is downloaded and installed on your device the activation process will be left and which you can complete by doing the following steps:

6. Open the Norton application which you have installed just now.

Steps to Activate the Norton.com/Setup:

1. If you are a new Norton user you will get a free 30-day trial to use on your device and then, later on, you can activate the product.

2. If you are an existing user, open Norton application and go to Settings.

3. After that open My Account. You will get a notification to activate your product if it is not activated.

4. Then you have to enter the 25-digit activation code which you have purchased online or from a retail store.

5. After entering the license key, click on Activate Now.

6. Your Norton antivirus software is now activated and good to use.

7. Run a full scan on your device and then restart the device.

With the above-mentioned process you will be able to complete the Norton setup download, installation and activation process.

System Requirements to download and activate Norton:

1. Microsoft® Windows® XP (all 32-bit versions) with Service Pack 3 (SP 3) or more.

2. Microsoft Windows Vista® (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or more.

3. Microsoft Windows 7 (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or more.

4. Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 (all versions). Some of the protection features are not available in Windows 8 Start screen browsers.

5. Microsoft Windows 10 (all versions). Norton doesn’t provide the support to Edge browser.

Norton Setup Downloading Tips:

1. Make sure you meet the minimum system requirements to download the Norton.

2. Remove any other antivirus if installed.

3. Remove all the temporary and junk files.

4. Close all the running tabs on the device

5. Make sure you a valid license key to activate the Norton.

Issues Related To Norton.com/setup:

1. Error in the activation of the license

2. Unable to download the Norton setup key

3. Error in the activation of Norton.com/setup

4. Unable to install the Norton setup

5. Norton setup firewall not working

6. Unable to transfer the existing license to another device

7. Compatibility issues with Norton set up in your device

Norton Security: What is Norton Backup and why it is important:

Norton Security has a feature of back-up to protect your files and data from any unknown sources or unwanted threats.  There are so many ransomware and threats lurking the internet to hack into your information or grab any data. So Norton Backup features help you to backup all your data, files or any online storage which helps all your information to stay protected. With Norton backup security you can back up all the drives such as internal storage, external hard drives, and flash drives. It is really important to back up all the files. In case if your files get corrupted you can take a back up from the online Norton storage. You can select the files and separate them as per your needs.

Is it necessary to take multiple back-ups?

If your data is backed-up with Norton backup then you don’t need to take any multiple back-ups. But if you want to be extra cautious then you can take back-ups on an external hard drive or flash drive to double sure yourself because it is better to be than sorry. Also, it will help you to find data easily on a daily basis.

Besides the above information if you still need any help or support for your Norton product you can call our UK toll-free Norton support number +44-208-144-6264 for more help. Our support team is always ready to serve you for all the problems and queries.