McAfee Total Protection


McAfee Total Protection

McAfee antivirus is one of the best and trustworthy security solutions throughout the globe. But only being a good antivirus is not enough, it is required that the software we are using for the protection of your device you should be user-friendly with it. So here we are going to discuss some common issues that people face with McAfee Antivirus program. This incorporates antivirus package validation failure, missing file, update problems, unsuccessful installation, unable to uninstall McAfee Antivirus from a laptop; the pc hangs throughout the procedure, a problem with updates and much more. Now let’s discuss the solutions to fix these kinds of troubles:

McAfee Total Protection Fails Repeatedly:

Sometimes people got to stick with the McAfee Total not working or fail repeatedly to launch. This can happen due to many reasons like windows not updated properly or due to any virus or bug present in the computer. So in order to solve this issue, you can follow the following steps:

1.)   Make sure the McAfee antivirus is completely up-to-date.

2.) To update download and install them by tapping on the Update key, now you need to wait for all the updates to be properly downloaded and installed.

3.)  Once completed, reboot your computer to make the changes save.

4.)  Also, you need to update your McAfee software from time to time and whenever the updates are available.

5.)  If you don’t want to update the security manually, you can turn on the update feature and the updates will be done automatically.

Real-time Scanning Does Not Start:

The real-time scanning is one of the important features in McAfee Antivirus and if it doesn’t work then you might have problems with your computer. So in order to fix issues with real-time scanning, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

1.)    The first step is to see if the real-time scanning feature is turned on or turned off.

2.)    If the feature is turned off then turn it on and it will start working automatically

3.)    If the real-time scanning does not work by itself, then check if your computer has any other software or antivirus in it.

4.)    If there is another antivirus in the computer then uninstall it and start a real-time scan again.

5.)    Also, make sure to update your McAfee timely to remove all the malicious files from the computer.

The Computer Usually Freezes After Installing McAfee Total Protection:

Apart from the above-mentioned problems it can also, freeze your computer system after the installation process of MTP. So to avoid the hassle you can make sure that you do the following the steps:

1.)    If your computer is freezing with the MTP download then reboot the computer and after that visit the McAfee official website and check if your system meets the minimum requirements or not.

2.)    If you see this error message – “A File Required To Install the Software is not accessible. Please click the Installation URL to start the installation process again” then click on the URL and install again.

3.)    Once it is reinstalled, uninstall the MTP antivirus.

4.)    Once you uninstall it, then load the antivirus disc again and download the software and install it with the disc and then reboot the computer, it will work without freezing your computer.

5.)    This issue may occur if you have cookies or cache files on the computer so we recommend you to do a clean-up of your computer.

Other McAfee Support Services Include:

The above-mentioned were some basic and common issues which any McAfee user can face but apart from that there are other issues as well that can occur and cause trouble. So you can also get support for the following issues/queries as well:

1- How to install or uninstall McAfee Antivirus

2-  How to erase the spam content using McAfee antivirus

3- Getting error message on McAfee Antivirus while using it

4- Checking and eliminating the malware and malicious found by McAfee Antivirus

5- Getting support for updating the McAfee software

Hope the above-explained issues and its solutions are helpful for you but if you still have got any query you can still get in touch with us by visiting our website

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