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McAfee MAV Retail Card

McAfee MAV is one of the antiviruses protection range powered by McAfee. MAV i.e. McAfee Antivirus Plus is one of the top antiviruses protection developed by the company to protect your devices against dangerous threats like hacking, malware, spyware, cyber crimes and much more. Apart from just protecting your devices from the threats, it has some advanced features like great compatibility with various operating systems including MAC, IOS, Windows and Android, parental control, personal firewall and much more.

McAfee Antivirus Protection now comes in a retail card which you can purchase from the official online website: Mcafee.com/Activate or you can purchase it from a retail store. If you are purchasing MAV online then all the relevant information will be shared on the email you registered with McAfee while the purchase. And if you have purchased the MAV retail card offline then it will come up with a CD pack along with a card attached to it. That card is called MAV retail card.

The McAfee retail card includes the following details:

1.) It includes the activation link like mcafee.com/activate which will redirect you to the MAV official website.

2.) The McAfee Activation License key which is required to activate the product.

Features of McAfee MAV Retail Card:

The McAfee Antivirus Protection comes up with some new advanced features in it which enhance the protection. Below we are mentioning few features which have been added to MAV:

1.) One subscription includes protection to as many as devices you want.

2.) He new feature of security management helps you to check the system status anytime.

3.) You don’t need to put any CD for the installation or activation. It will provide you the direct access through the website.

4.) The new feature has been added to protect your emails from any spam emails.

5.) Web protection has been added for Safe Online Transactions to protect your personal data.

6.) Parental Control helps you to blog website which you don’t want your children to watch.

7.) An advance lock key and biometric login feature have been added to manage to account details.

8.) Advanced firewalls options have been added.

9.) It has an improved ad block system to keep your browser free from any pop-up or dangerous websites.

Activate McAfee MAV subscription using MAV retail card:

1.) In order to activate the subscription for McAfee MAV retail card you have to create an account on McAfee. You can activate the MAV retail card subscription by doing the following step:

2.) You have to visit the official website of McAfee i.e. mcafee.com/mav/retailcard where you have to follow the on-screen steps.

3.) Then it will ask for the activation code which you can purchase online or offline.

4.)The above steps will help you to subscribe to the MAV retail card.

Redeem the McAfee MAV retail card:

Before you can activate and use the MAV retail card you have to redeem the activation code online and then you can download the McAfee MAV as per your requirements. You have to follow the below steps to redeem the MAV retail card:

1.) There should be. After that visit the McAfee official website mcafee.com/mav/retailcard.

2.) It will redirect you to the page where it will ask for the 25 digit activation code and your email id to verify.

3.) Then click on the Submit button and follow the on-screen instructions.

4.) Afterward, you will receive the verification email, click on the link to verify, it will redirect you to the homepage of McAfee My Account.

5.)With this, you are now subscribed to the McAfee family. Your subscription has been completed successfully.

 Download and install McAfee Retail Card:

Once the subscription and redemption part is completed then you can easily download and install the McAfee MAV. Below are the steps through which you can download & install the McAfee MAV:

1.)Open the McAfee account login by visiting mcafee.com/MyAccount and log into your account.

2.)After logging in you can select the version as per your device specification.

3.) Then click on the Download button.

4.) After the download, open your Download Folder and then click open McAfee MAV.

5.) Then it will start the installation process.

6.) Follow the prompt steps to complete the installation process.

Thus, the installation is completed and you can start using the McAfee MAV.

Problems & Solutions for McAfee MAV Retail Card:

Problem 1- Real-time scanning not working.

Solution – Restart the computer and make sure there is no other antivirus installed in your        device.

Problem 2 – Slow Performance of McAfee antivirus.

Solution – Try reinstalling the McAfee program. Use McAfee uninstaller to remove the program.

Problem 3 – Unable to complete McAfee MAV setup.

Solution – Make sure the device specifications match with the McAfee requirements and the system should be up-to-date.

Problem 4 – Unable to open McAfee Antivirus in the computer

Solution – The problem could be with the registry files, so do a proper clean up of the computer and remove all the junk files to make sure it doesn’t create a problem with McAfee MAV.

The above are some basic problem any user can face but apart from it if you have any other problem or query regarding the McAfee MAV Retail Card feel free to get in touch with our McAfee support team at our toll-free number +44-208-144-6264 or gather more information at www.technoxpertsupport.com.