McAfee Antivirus 2019 reliability test


McAfee Antivirus 2019 reliability test

McAfee Antivirus 2019 reliability test

In the past, McAfee has gotten some slack for being a real resource guzzler and creating a lot of computer slowdown despite doing a great job of stopping malware infections. But over the last couple of years, McAfee has really focused on refining its programs and optimizing them for peak performance without the lag. McAfee Antivirus Plus didn’t cause any noticeable slowdown during our in-house tests and was one of the only programs to earn a perfect score for malware protection from both us and other internet security testing labs.

McAfee Antivirus

The new McAfee Antivirus 2019 has some advanced and improved features which are so fast and allows you to surf the web, send emails, and watch videos without interruptions. Some of the new features have been mentioned below which has come up with an improvement:

1.) Protection for unlimited devices: Protect a limitless number of devices for you, your family and friends with a single license use. Only one subscription is required for all your devices.

2.) One Stop solution for all threats: One security solution for your desktop, tablet, mobile and wearable technology which eliminates all sorts of threats that can harm your device and steal your personal information.

3.) Personal Firewall: Guard against threatening activity – customize the level of protection to your needs. Also, monitor what information travels between devices on your network. It also blocks malicious applications trying to send your personal data over the internet.

4.) Anti-Spam Protection: The pishing protection auto-detect emails trying to expose you to malware or trick you into giving away your data and stop spyware infecting your devices and sharing your data with third parties.

5.) Safe Web Search: It allows you to surf the web safely and gives and encrypts all your personal login information, banking information, passwords so that it cannot get compromised over the web.

6.) Parental Control: Block or allow websites based on your children’s age. It also tailors search engine safety filters to automatically exclude inappropriate content. Another new feature which has been added is that it set-up a schedule to restrict the amount of time your child can spend online.

7.) Faster and Easier Scans: The new McAfee update allows you to run the scans in the background without any interruptions. Also, it takes really takes less space and resources in your devices.

8.) True Key – Password Manager: The true key feature allows you to manage your password with bio-metric login and automatically synchronize your passwords across your devices using your profile.

There isn’t a lot of negatives that can be noticed in McAfee Antivirus Plus. It’s a good solid program that stops malware quickly without using up too much of your computer’s resources. This antivirus program earns a perfect score for stopping every malware threat we used during our testing and doing it without slowing down our computers. It also marks dangerous websites before you visit them. There isn’t much more to this software. However, you don’t need more than this in a basic antivirus program, so McAfee Antivirus Plus definitely comes out on top in this category. But if you still need any help on what antivirus suits best for your device, you can always contact our experts at out UK toll-free number 208-144-6264

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