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Printer Support

The printer has become one of the most useful computer hardware devices that allow people to convert computer generated typescript into a physical printed document. There are multiple manufacturers making printers for home and office use with varied range as printer series per the need and affordability of different customers.

Similar to other computer devices, printers are also assembled with lots of technical components and encrypted with the set of programs that can fail anytime or create a problem due to misuse or wrong configurations. And such technical glitches can affect its functionality or performance which can create other major damages in terms of data loss or other issues arises due to lack of printing services. However, printer technical support is the online customer support service offered by industry professionals to diagnosis the actual issue with the best possible solution as per the customer’s availability.

PC Support

In today’s economy, we understand that competition has become tough, time is precious and money is tight. So you cannot afford to suffer from a non-working or inefficient computer. Most technical support companies today offer some kind of support or so-called help desk for owners of their particular computer or software

Our PC Support services include:

  • Tuning of system
  • Speeding up Installation
  • Resolution of Booting and shutdown issues
  • Taking care of device driver problems
  • Resolution of system freezing and restart problems
  • Preparation of data backup
  • Blue screen error fixing and many more.

Router Support

The use of the computer has become really limited without the internet connection. Whether Wi-Fi or broadband, internet connection is must for any computer user. A router is an important component required to connect various systems to one common network. With the help of a router, you can work on more than one system at the same time.

If you are experiencing the constant drop in your internet connection or unusual slow internet speed, your router might be the reason for this. The basic solution that many people take is to unplug the wires of the router and plugging it again after 10 seconds. But this can’t be the solution every time.

Our Router Support services include:

  • Installing the router
  • Upgrading of the software
  • Improving internet speed
  • Resetting router password
  • Clash of IP address
  • Firewall Issues

Anti-Virus Support

Viruses are the deadliest problems for computers. They steal identities, such as your passwords, logins, transaction keywords, and even your identity. They can also tamper your documents that are stored “safely” on your computer. They can destroy or steal your important data such as your bank account number or your credit card number, and the cause severe loss in the transactions you make. As a result, your computer’s speed can slow down drastically.

Our Antivirus support services include:

  • Providing you the best antivirus as per the requirement of your system
  • Installing and upgrading antivirus
  • Scan your system
  • Remove virus if already exist.