How to activate McAfee Live Safe Security on Mobile


How to activate McAfee Live Safe Security on Mobile

McAfee Live Safe Security is a must whether it for laptop, PC, tablet or mobile phone. No matter what device is connected to the internet, it needs to be secured as there are many ways your personal information can be hacked. If we talk about laptops, PC or tablets; people usually protect these devices with antivirus protection as they do a lot of work on it and lots of information is stored on these devices as well. But, what about your mobile phones. Don’t they need to be secured?

We all do a lot of stuff on our mobile phones like banking, emailing, data transfer, online storage, etc. But we never think of putting an anti-virus on the mobiles. Antivirus is one the necessities for the mobile phones as we all know we connect our mobiles to public wi-fi, hot spots or data connection which can also transfer viruses to the mobile. That is why McAfee has come up with McAfee Live Safe mobile security for Androids and IOS. It is one of the best-known antivirus security protections for mobile phones.

Features of McAfee Live Safe Mobile Security:

1. McAfee Live Safe comes up with the compatibility software for Androids and IOS.

2.The anti-theft feature allows the owner to detect the location of the device if stolen.

3.Anti Malware Protection.

4.Safe Browser Search.

5. Parental Control on mobile phones allows restricting kids through unwanted websites.

6.Detailed Security logs are provided if any threat detected.

7.Block malicious emails or pop-up messages that appear from legitimate sources like banking websites.

8.Also helpful for the people who keep sensitive documents or have online storage apps on their phones. It helps your files to stay protected from online spyware.

Above we have discussed the key functions that McAfee LiveSafe does for mobile phones. Now we will explain how you can download and activate the McAfee LiveSafe software on your Android and IOS device. The downloading and activation process is quite is easy and don’t take much of your time and efforts. To download and activate the McAfee software follow the steps mentioned below:

To download McAfee LiveSafe on Android:

1.       Tap on open Google Play on your device from where you download applications.

2.       Go to the search option and type McAfee Mobile Security.

3.       Tap on the first option and then click on Install.

4.       Once the installation process is finished:

a) Open the McAfee Mobile Security app.

b) Select Back Up or Find Device.

c) Type in the email address, you want to register with McAfee for future notifications.

d)Select Next.

5.Afterward do the following steps:

a)Tap on Create an account.

b)Create a 6-Digit passcode you can easily remember.

6. Then open Main Menu.

7. Tap on the orange circle which you can find on the top right-hand side of the screen.

8.Tap on Select Security Questions, once you tap on it will ask you for the 6-Digit pin you have created.

9. Put the 6-Digit pin and select the security questions and put their relevant answers.

10.To Activate, tap on the Activate option and put in the 25-digit Activation code that you purchased online or from a retail shop.

11.Then tap on Activate and your mobile security is activated.

 To download McAfee LiveSafe on IOS:

The McAfee Mobile Security on IOS is a free version application. To download MMS go to App Store and download the latest version of McAfee Mobile Security. Afterwards, do the following steps:

1.Search McAfee Mobile Security on App Store and install it.

2.After installation, you will get three options:

 Log in

   Create an account

Got an Activation Code

3.If you are already a McAfee member select login and put your registered email id and password.

4.If you are new to McAfee the click on Create an account and follow the on-screen steps to register yourself.

5. Create a 6-digit pass code and start backing up your contacts and files.

Now your McAfee Mobile security is good to go and your device is protected.


In case if you are stuck anywhere or have any queries, you can get in touch with our UK McAfee support team. For more information visit our website or call our experts at our toll-free number +44-208-144-6264.

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